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    • Please help by contributing to our e-survey that is gathering feedback on this tool!

      This e-learning tool for small businesses is in a prototype stage and we very much seek feedback on the different resources that are contained within it. 

      ·        What works? What could be changed?

      ·        Are there additional resources for small businesses that could be added to the site?


      We are currently working with Katie Power (Tewkesbury Borough Council) and Marilyn Cox (Gloucestershire Rural Community Council) to trial the tool working with businesses in Tewkesbury. For more promotion details, please see the attached flier - flood-resilience-flyer-2016.

      The link to the feedback survey is:

      The survey will run until 31st March 2017. We very much appreciate your time in contributing to the survey.  Any email feedback is also welcomed: (please use SESAME e-tool as header).

      With thanks, The Sesame Team

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    • Welcome to the SESAME e-learning website!

      Welcome to the SESAME e-learning website!  This forum is set up for sharing business knowledge about how SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) can become more resilient to flooding.  The idea here is that businesses can share their experiences of what works in adaptation directly with other businesses.  Please join and share whatever you have found useful in making your business more resilient to flooding. 

      The SESAME team

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